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Yamaha FJR1300AS (1)

Motorcycles Touring “FJR1300AS”

New touring motorcycles, Yamaha motorcycles FJR1300AS is the creation of specially created to hold a tour of the city and the world. By using the engine of 1298cc, 4 sillinder will take you around tour of your choice. With the new technology that has a good performance also FJR1300AS motorcycles equipped with YCC-S (Yamaha Chip Controlled-Shift System). YCC-S is an electronic gear-shift that will be included in FJR1300AS. The advantage of the bike tour is FJR1300AS rider can change gear with their feet and do not need at all to operate the clutch. Design with glass super bike handlebars, and seats are so wide making motorcycle FJR1300AS ready to face the challenges of your trip.

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Introduction of the corners, the Yamaha shines. Also features superior engine braking, the FJR1300AS ABS offers a single-system unified-of upgraded brake lever hand control of six of the eight-piston front, foot pedal activation of two pistons back and other two front pistons. Sounds complicated, but it all happens transparently. Yamaha brakes just works in a normal manner and was rewarded by stopping completely predictable manner.

Once the corner has been executed, the 1298cc Yamaha motor spins faster on the straight. Indeed, the BMW has a very broad torque curve, while the Kawasaki has a top blind impulse, but the delivery of the FJR is brave I won. FJR1300AS even if not faster, it feels like it is, and that’s what it’s all about if not on the track. However, a sixth gear is on my wish list.

Performance is not the whole story. The Yamaha FJR1300AS also offers outstanding comfort for portions of the road less sporty. The vibration is minimal, and the seat perfect balance between the demands of sporty driving and tourism. As a bonus, the bags come out quickly and stripped FJR (reminiscent of the original 1984 FJ1100) becomes a fine line, fully faired sports bike.

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Yamaha FJR1300AS

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