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2012 Kawasaki KX450F Motocross

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2012 Kawasaki KX450F

2012 Kawasaki KX450F

2012 Kawasaki KX450F

Starting with the history of Super cross advantage of DNA which became the winner of the motorcycle during the past year. And now there is the DNA of 2012 Kawasaki KX450F. In addition to the polished design so high that the complex forms a frame that uses the material base of aluminum. In addition, 2012 Kawasaki KX450F has completed the phase of repair than previous generations. Reconciliation seeks to make this bike has a more sophisticated chassis, and also has a good engine. In addition, it also makes these 2012 Kawasaki KX450F have a central machine, which could push this bike to get the effect. And also you will feel more bicycles than motorcycles. Besides the style of motorcycle that has a high technological content, make 2012 Kawasaki KX450F could be a mainstay on the racecourse. Other new features are on a new management regime that provides a bike can be adjusted according to needs. That will allow you to make transactions from the starting gate. All this in the can without sacrificing performance or engine performance. And this makes 2012 Kawasaki KX450F that became famous. These features have never seen a motorcycle the previous generation has ever produced. No more motorcycle Cross in the same way as 2012 Kawasaki KX450F, which offer features that are higher than any cross bike.

2012 Kawasaki KX450F

2012 Kawasaki KX450F Motocross-A key feature never before seen in a production 2012 Kawasaki KX450F. The button system is activated by a contact switch on the left handlebar, and optimize off-the-line acceleration by altering the ignition timing in the first and second gears to help maximize adherence and reduce the excessive risk of skidding. The change in third gear turns off automatically launch control mode and returns the time on the parameters of the ignition map installed. The effectiveness of the launch control is further enhanced with a chassis designed to maximize suspension performance and rear wheel traction.

The 2012 Kawasaki KX450F delivers better mid-range power and a broader power band, thanks to numerous improvements. The 2012 Kawasaki KX450F race-proven piston box bridge position ensures optimum strength as last year, but has been revised to optimize the rigidity balance and improved medium-high-rpm character. New top piston ring thin enhanced surface treatment reduces friction and helps improve throttle response. A new intake cam provides a slight increase in elevation of the intake valves and allows the engine to breathe deep, increasing the power. The 2012 Kawasaki KX450F resulting combination provides a greater amount of torque and improved performance at high rpm. That extra energy that makes the land more efficiently than ever, thanks to new electronics and broadcast transmission upgrades and improvements to the chassis designed to complement power delivery bolder.

2012 Kawasaki KX450F

2012 Kawasaki KX450F Features


  • 449 cc liquid-cooled, DOHC, four-stroke single
  • Works based in piston box Bridge Fund has revised rigidity for improved power at high rpm
  • Review intake cam and exhaust new result in the wider power band
  • A forward lean angle of 3 ° puts the engine in the ideal position for maximum traction
  • Highly balanced crankshaft, along Villopoto racing factory creates minimal vibration
  • Maintenance-free automatic cam chain adjuster
  • Airbox lid of great help prevent mud and water into


  • Thinner top ring surface treatment and review of the oil rings reduce friction
  • The same design as that used in our factory riders, offers optimum performance at all rpm
  • Lighter and more durable than traditional piston designs
  • Short piston skirt coating low friction characteristics to minimize mechanical losses
  • External reinforced ribs improve the strength and durability


  • Factory-style launch control system increases the probability of getting a good start for maximum traction on a slippery surface
  • Button control activation startup delay time on the way the first and second gears, giving the greatest effect in the first seconds of releasing the clutch
  • Launch control can be activated in neutral, first or second
  • Change in third gear mode is turned off launch control and returns the key to normal maps
  • The system is designed to the same specifications as the factory Kawasaki AMA machines

2012 Kawasaki KX450F

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