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Suzuki Gladius SFV 650 Specifications

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Suzuki Gladius is a motor cruiser that puts the middle class appearance and ergonomic side than performance. No one did, because both the market for Japanese-American and European segments most enjoy doing a naked bike is a medium-class cruiser. Where the use of motors intended for daily use. Suzuki Gladius own use machine configuration was Suzuki Gladius SV-650 V-twin that is also used by Cagiva Raptor 650. Motor power is “ordinary course” is about 70 hp. But unique was the appearance of these motors. Twin Tube Chassis Trellis frame typical of Italy plus headlamp motor oval into his motor is similar to the MV Agusta Brutalle worth 3 times! Plagiarist? Not really, because the relationship with the manufacturer Suzuki is indeed owned by Claudio Categlioni been pretty well established, as evidenced by the development of the same family with a lot Raptor and Brutalle receive assistance by Suzuki!

Suzuki Gladius

Suzuki SFV 650 Gladius

Suzuki Gladius

Suzuki SFV 650 Gladius detail and spec

Suzuki Gladius

Suzuki Gladius SFV 650 1

The 645cc liquid-cooled of Suzuki Gladius, carbureted 90-degree V-Twin has no body took almost no time to achieve cult status with its sporty handling and user-friendly low-end and midrange grunt. Non-faired design caused the eye to focus immediately on the ground only hanging aluminum frame, oval tube trellis style. There are many manufacturers of bicycles in those days embraced the naked streetfighter style for the American market.

However, the ease of the SV-to-use made it a hit with Joe Average rider for commuting and weekend play, while its overall performance caused a surge in club racing throughout the country, all for the MSRP of 1999 of $ 5,699. The bike was really all that and a bag of chips.

The first major update to the SV – and partly Suzuki Gladius SV650S faired model introduced in 2000 – arrived in ’03 and included fuel injection, a new framework sturdy square tube frame and the marginal increase in horsepower and torque. In 2007, ABS became optional in either model, and in 2008 was the S-model full fairing as the Suzuki Gladius SV650SF. For 2009 the Suzuki performance features that are perceived between the SV and SF models are too close, so a totally new model was created to adapt to changing market demands. We know that everyone wanted to SV the good ol ‘, but Suzuki has reached a solution to fill the void left by the departure of the standard SV: 2009 Gladius

suzuki gladius sfv650 girl

Specifications Suzuki Gladius

Top speed 135 mph
Seconds 1/4-mile acceleration
Power 75.9bhp
Torque 49.5ftlb
Weight 202kg
Seat height 785 mm
Capacity of 14.5 liters of fuel
Average fuel consumption 40mpg
tank range of 130 miles
Insurance group 10
645cc engine size
8V engine specification four-stroke V-twin, 6 speed
Lattice steel frame
Front suspension 41 mm conventional fork preload adjustment only
Rear Suspension Single shock adjustment, preload only
Front Brakes 2x 290mm dual-piston caliper
rear brake disc 240 mm single-piston
Front tire size 120/70×17
Rear tire size 160/60×17

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