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Suzuki Gladius 400 Spec and Pictures

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Suzuki Gladius 400

Paris is a place WHERE Suzuki was first introduced by the press and in many people, especially the Suzuki Gladius sport bike enthusiasts. Suzuki is the new middle class That offers the latest styles and super unique. With fuel injection, two other plug in the delivery of improved performance, combined with great style and neutral lightweight handling, the Suzuki Gladius is perfect for the first time or Experienced Riders.

Intended for those who just led approach, the all-new Suzuki Gladius not only impresses with its appearance, but with the help of a low seat and a fuel injection, two other plug head down to watch a mid-range torque, too. Production costs are kept as low as possible and that means some sacrifice in the chapter on weight. The Suzuki Gladius For example, the trellis frame is made of steel instead of aluminum. However, Suzuki Gladius name says everything about the bike’s performance and reliability even though at first glance, has a good chance of confusing it with an Italian naked.

The testimony of the fact that the Suzuki Gladius is a piece of bulletproof engineering is SV650 genes. Being new, this Suzuki Gladius has nothing to brag about, but Suzuki Gladius features and if you interact with them, you will find many years of development and further behind. Initially, the Japanese manufacturer has launched the SV650 for the same purpose for which you enter the Suzuki Gladius today, but we have a hunch that there will be no need for a third model that experience now says his word.

Features Suzuki Gladius 400

Suzuki Gladius automatic speed-load control (ISC) system is integrated into each throttle body, and produces of Suzuki Gladius stable idle while improving cold starting and reducing emissions immediately after starting. Each 39mm throttle body has a fuel injector 10 holes. The extra-fine atomization injectors produce an average diameter of the aerosol particle is smaller for improved combustion efficiency.

Suzuki Gladius Composite Electrochemical Material (SCEM) line reduces friction and improves heat transfer, durability and ring seal SFV650 is powered by a sporty fuel injected, DOHC 90 degree V-Twin engine based on the proven SV650 famous for its long-term reliability, broad power and quiet noise.

New single valve springs reduce inertia weight and mechanical losses while maintaining accurate valve control. Dual spark plugs cylinder heads feature iridium spark plugs reduce degradation of the electrodes and to connect the electrode to be finer produce a more intense, hotter spark and further enhancing combustion.

Spesification Suzuki Gladius 400

Engine: 398.00 cc, V2, four-stroke
Power: 54.98 HP @ 11,000 RPM
Torque: 41.00 Nm @ 8500 RPM
Bore x stroke: 72.0 x 49.0 mm
Valves per cylinder: 4
Fuel system: Injection
Fuel control: DOHC
Ignition: Full transistor type
Cooling System: air and oil
Gearbox: 6 speed
Final drive: Chain
Clutch: Wet multi-coil spring board
Chassis, suspension, brakes and wheels
Frame type: Diamond
Rake (fork angle): 26.0

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