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2011 Yamaha EC-03 Electric Scooter

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2011 Yamaha EC-03 Review

Looks like this bike looks very nice. Yamaha EC-03 is the motor of the future and also motorcycles to be developed. This is because Yamaha EC-03 have a fuel that already use electricity. Thanks to the motor fuel is a motorcycle that is free of ammunition and also free from air pollution. Well this is good for reducing global warming. In addition, Yamaha EC-03 is also very suitable for traveling, do not miss out on a motorcycle that uses gasoline. Design a comfortable chair and upright bike makes it very easy to use for the ride. And look at his light and visible light, it makes Yamaha EC-03 can be entered in the car. Bicycles cut enough to compel you to go to work, to school or around the city. The Yamaha EC-03 is really very practical and convenient. The Yamaha EC-03 you surely reduce dependence on petrol, and you will go to electric that, of course, will also have an impact on the environment around us. Motorcycle which provides a tenagn trip and will make our environment better again. Let’s use Yamaha EC-03 to be one of those who participated in the rescue environment.

Yamaha EC-03

Yamaha EC-03

Thanks to a built-in charging unit, the costs of the Yamaha EC-03 from any ordinary wall outlet with a single cable. It is simplicity itself – and with a full charge costs a fraction of a tank of gasoline, Yamaha EC-03 is exceptionally economical to run. As a pure electric vehicle, the Yamaha EC-03 is kinder to the environment, with zero emissions resulting from their use. Electric power also means no noise during your travels. A special unit of power YIPU combines efficiency with a slim, light and an extra boost, you can switch from standard mode and power mode at the touch of a button.

The control of Yamaha EC-03 is effortless, thanks to a built-in electronic throttle handlebar. This works with the Yamaha EC-03 controller high specification for live performance, no problems. A stylish instrument panel with digital LCD display keeps you alert to the levels of speed and battery, and features electronic sound to alert you to low battery or the use of indicators.  The Yamaha EC-03 has three useful features for cyclists: a handle for easy parking, luggage hook at the front of the seat to hold the luggage for the motion, and a center support wire under the seat – ideal to protect your helmet when the scooter is parked.

Yamaha EC-03

2011 Yamaha EC-03

Yamaha EC-03  Specifiacation

Backbone frame
Front Tire 60/100-12
Rear Tire 60/100-12
Mechanical front brake behind the leading shoe brake (drum brake)
Rear brake master mechanic behind the brake shoe (drum brake)
Front drum inner diameter 95 mm
Back inside the drum 150 mm in diameter
Front suspension telescopic fork
Unit swing Rear Suspension
Front shock absorber coil spring
Rear shock coil spring, oil damper
For 50 mm travel
Travel 55 mm rear
Inner tube diameter of 22.2 mm front fork

AC motor type synchronous motor
Nominal power 0.58kW
Maximum power of 1.4 kW to 2,550 rpm
Maximum torque of 9.6 Nm at 280 rpm
Battery voltage / capacity 50 V / 15 Ah
Battery Type Lithium Ion
7 hours of charge time
Sun and planetary gears Final Drive

Total length 1565 mm
Width of 600 mm overall
Overall height 990 mm
745mm seat height
Wheelbase 1,080 mm
Minimum ground clearance 110 mm authorization
56kg wet weight (with battery)

Yamaha EC-03

Yamaha EC-03

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