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2012 Benelli TNT 899

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Benelli TNT 899 2012 Review

For 2012 Benelli launches the new motorcycles,The Benelli TNT 899 2012 series.This Series raised more quality and reliability is on the increase thanks to a painstaking process of optimization that sees these models setting the standard in their respective categories.Slight aesthetic modifications and new colours will make the range even more appealing for even the shrewdest motorcyclists, who will appreciate the chassis features and the unique character of the Benelli three-cylinder engine.

2012 Benelli TNT 899 with Quality takes first priority: the enormous task of testing, developing and fine-tuning the entire 2012 range has allowed us to achieve the highest standards on the market and guarantee the Benelli buyer reliability, optimized fuel consumption and meticulous bike construction. And that naturally includes the joy of riding a Benelli, which is the distinctive, essential trait of every motorbike that comes off the assembly line of the Pesaro plant.

Pesaro, Italy: this is where Benelli’s hub lies, in an efficient, modern structure vaunting the highest standards of quality that was maintained as the chief production headquarters. The “Made in Italy” stamp remains an indispensable element for Benelli, which is looking ahead to seize the opportunities offered by the global market, conscious of the fact of its role as a brand leader with a legendary history and confident of its offer of top-end products standing out for their quality, design and sporty allure.

The Benelli motorcycle range for 2012 has been renewed, refined and enriched with new models.

2012 Benelli TNT 899

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