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Top Speed for Honda DN-01

Honda DN-01 like nothing you, yes Honda released the new DN-01 crossover bike in Japan and Europe in 2008 and in the US in 2009. This motorcycle features a v-twin 680cc engine linked to an HFT(Human Friendly Transmission) system which consists of a continuously variable transmission and a hydro-mechanical automatic system. It has 2 automatic modes, (D) drive and (S) sport plus a 6 speed push button manual mode. The HFT has a lock up mode for cruising to increase fuel economy. The DN-01 also has combined ABS, a front and rear linked system with ABS. This motorcycle’s fuel tank can carry 4 gallons of fuel. Honda classed this motorbike as a scooter/motorcycle crossover.

Honda DN-01


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Wallpaper Honda DN-01

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