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Aprilia RS 50 Overview and 50cc Sounds Good

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Aprilia RS 50 Supersport

Aprilia RS 50 motorcycle supersport it only has 50cc engine with power. But Aprilia RS 50 has a shape a formidable body of motorsport class. Aprilia RS 50 has ightweight wheels, radial calipers, an aluminum frame and swingarm, and an under-seat exhaust on a big bike. RS 50 is capable of an impressive top speed despite its small size motor. The double 35 Watt headlight cluster contributes to the race bike look aggressive, provides an excellent lighting and makes an important contribution to road safety. The coat of plastic headlights reduces the weight on the front fork and offers significant advantages in terms of precision driving. Mudguard blends perfectly with the fairing, and improves its aerodynamics of Aprilia RS 50. The characteristic aerodynamic tail completes the Aprilia RS 50 image of racing and also has a large lockable storage compartment, ideal for carrying out the brakes and rainproofs. The tail also comprises the passenger seat for use in countries where passengers can be legally transported. The passenger seat does not spoil the pure racing image or interfere with the aerodynamics of the bike.

Aprilia RS 50 Elegant and Effective

The elegant and effective two-member swing arm optimizes the action of hydraulic shock absorber. Wheel travel is 120 mm. In the front, the action hydraulic telescopic fork delivers reliable, safe service and sports, with gentle walks and effective damping even on uneven surfaces. The 35 mm vials permit holder wheel travel of 110 mm and absorb the braking power powerful Aprilia RS 50, the braking system can provide. The front brakes provide powerful, confident braking sets a new standard in braking power. The stainless steel disc is an impressive 280 mm in diameter and the caliper is a twin piston unit. The rear brakes are of the same quality, thanks to a disc diameter of 220 mm stainless steel single-piston caliper with powerful aluminum mounting bracket. Light alloy wheels with five spokes are scanning other striking feature of the Aprilia RS 50. The wheel diameter of 17 “as in larger machines of high quality sports, weight maintains and improves maneuverability. A high-level chassis that deserves a higher class, the high-tech engine.

Style Aprilia RS 50

The aggressive lines of the new Aprilia RS 50 is reinforced by a new wind tunnel test fairing, with a modern and sporty design. This fairing is very similar to that of the RS 125 that won the 2006 Design Award. twin headlights provide superior visibility and contribute to the aggressive design of this amazing race 50.

A tail agile, slender Aprilia RS 50 complete image of racing and also conceals the expansion chamber exhaust under the seat, another feature taken from the world of competition, which improves balance and distribution weight.

A fuel tank of 13 liter fuel consumption miserable to say that the Aprilia RS 50 has an amazing range. Even the shape of the new tank sportsmanship transmits the bike: the tank seems to feel as part of the double beam like the real tanks GP racers.

Chassis Aprilia RS 50

Aprilia was the first manufacturer to make a 50 cc motorcycle with an aluminum frame. The new Aprilia RS 50 is taken things a step further, with a light alloy, reinforced extruded pipe rack for better performance than ever. This revolutionary cadre not only reduces the overall weight, but offers a new level of structural rigidity. Even the swing is made of an alloy of prestige and is buffered by a hydraulic monoshock with adjustable spring preload, giving a wheel travel of 110 mm.

The reverse fork is another important feature of the Aprilia RS 50. This highly advanced fork is completely safe and reliable while offering incredible performance in terms of slip and damping action. The 40 mm bars are the same size as in many big bikes, and wheel travel is a generous 120 mm, which makes the bike powerful braking system even more effective.


Aprilia RS 50

Aprilia RS 50

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