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motorcycle which has a very flexible form. Motorcycle which is a class of Adventure Sports styling has sabga body body sport and has different graphics than other motorcycles. heart of Honda XL700V Transalp bike is a 680cc engine that has power with fuel systems that have used the V-twin injectors. Very impressive, very classy and very special to be in Honda XL700V Transalp this. If you are on the high road and urban transportation or ride, then this bike you must have to enjoy your trip, because this bike has a very high level of flexibility and very nice. Motorcycle which has a suspension system, wide tires and strong, responsive Honda XL700V Transalp C-ABS brakes you can use along the road both day and night conditions. With a narrow windshield, and rather small to make sure you can speed this bike at will and can menja.


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Honda XL700V Transalp


Honda XL700V Transalp sports bike riders say the engine is “smooth.” MotoX hard core types might scream that the framework is not as strong. Real pilots every day I say that is a bike you can trust. Some owners 80,000 miles we have found no major flaws of the standard. You can cover thousands of miles in comfort and safety. You can go quite fast enough, even though the top speed is said to be a “humble” 110/115 mph. I ask you, you really need more than that on our roads, and a track bike style? Honda XL700V Transalp is light, not only to take them to all sorts of places you never expected to be able to, as all the world as one of our own members did (You may have read about Alex Ramirez elsewhere in the site ) The Honda XL700V Transalp bike easily wins the morning rush hour battle, the driving position and lightening fast direction changes making life very easy. Therefore, let’s look at the latest update.

The character of the Honda XL700V Transalp engine allows the pilot to take some liberties Speaking of softness allows less than gasoline perfect to be used occasionally. Even gruntier 700cc version has not been lost, and extra 50ccs make you feel good as they pursue their peers and sometimes waving goodbye on twisty roads. The new fatter front tire adds to your confidence when it changes direction in a Derbyshire park road, road to be much more focused on its 650 predecessor.


Specifications Honda XL700V Transalp

Manufacturer Honda
Model XL700V Transalp
5503 Price
Top speed 130
Insurance Group 11
Engine Size 680
Motor type liquid-cooled V-Twin
Compression ratio of 4-stroke 8-valve 52 degree VTWIN
Energy BH 59
Torque 44ftlb
5 Speed
Seat height 841mm
177mm ground clearance
Fuel capacity 17.5L
Average of 48 MPG
150 tank range
Dry weight 218kg
177mm travel front suspension with no adjustment
Adjustable rear suspension compression damping, 173mm travel
Tyre Size Front 100/90 19
Rear tire size 130/80 17
2 * 256 front brake discs
Rear disc brakes 240

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Honda XL700V Transalp

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