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Honda VTX1800N The Biggest Motorcycles

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The look of the Honda VTX1800N which debuted at the Rune, VTX1800N creates a massive appearance, thanks to the wide fenders that curve around the wheel, following the curve instead of combustion to the outside, as designs for more conventional fenders . The fender join the front shoulder width cross section to set this big, beautiful beast. VTX1800N is reminiscent of the American Motorcycle mid-twentieth century, embraced an elegant, full of figures, but brings something new to the party too.

Popular Model Honda VTX1800N American Motorcycle

The VTX1800N is more similar to VTX1800R popular model, but has gone beyond the classic lines of American R model Like the R, VTX1800N has put on wheels, and all except the 1800C VTX1800s get the new “tabbed” fuel tank (ie, a tank without unsightly seams bottom VTX1800s previous models). That significantly clean the tank. The chassis and engine are also the same, and some details like the headlights are shared as well. However, the VTX1800N (for the neo-retro), has a number of unique features, which helps justify its price $ 100 higher than the S (identical to the R, but with wire spoke wheels and a seat of nails).


The most obvious difference, of course, is the only defenses VTX1800N, that really in your style. The rear fender includes a pair of horizontal recessed LED tail lights for the first time on any cruise of a complete production Honda. It also has its own mount. The design shares VTX1800N staggered basis dual muffler of the R and S, but version VTX1800N silencers have straight cut ends of the covers of five screws. Other unique features in the VTX1800N lanes cut rear fender, shock covers that are ribbed for your pleasure, a low-rise handlebars mounted on an elevator, and logo label on the tank instead of plates.

I spent about four hours riding the VTX1800N, and was not surprised to find that is very similar to the VTX1800R. Share the attractions the bike, including a great power, delivered with a minimum of vibration at a nice speed range. VTX1800N feels effortless and without problems on a cruise indicated 80 mph, and has plenty of acceleration above the train left at this rate of increase in the past slower traffic. Is stable and has impressive brakes, which are linked, with the foot brake application front and rear. The wide tires provide good traction on hard braking. All controls work smoothly and are on hand – or foot – easy for me, but I think the positions of the handlebar levers “should be adjustable for smaller hands. VTX1800N levers do not fit. This bike moved a bit smoother and quieter than the last VTX1800N mounted.



The VTX1800N precisely directed respectable and very little effort, but it’s a big bike and will not tolerate much ham handness low speed before VTX1800N makes you feel uncomfortable. The large eyes, wide is not compatible with a large amount of free space in the corners, and I wish you all the VTX1800N leaned a bit more before driving, which begins with a lot of noise but little drama. The owners almost never complain about the limited cornering clearance, however.

Spesifications Honda VTX1800N

Model: VTX1800N
Engine Type: 1795cc 52nd liquid cooled V-Twin
Bore and Stroke: 101mm x 112mm
Compression ratio: 9.0:1
Valvetrain: SOHC, three valves per cylinder
Carburetion: PGM-FI with automatic choke
Ignition: Digital, two spark plugs per cylinder
Transmission: Five-speed
Final Drive: Shaft
SuspensionFront: 45 mm inverted fork, 5.1 inches of travel, Rear: Dual shocks with five-position spring preload adjustment, 3.9-inch travel
Brakes: Dual 296 mm disc with LBS three calipers pistons, rear: 316 mm single front disc with LBS twin-piston caliper
Tyres: Front: 150/80R-17 radial Rear: 180/70R-16 radial
Wheelbase: 67.5 inches
Rake (Caster Angle): 32.0
Travel: 163mm (6.4 inches)
Seat height: 27.4 inches
Dry Weight: 756 lbs
Fuel capacity: 5.3 liters
Colors: Black Metallic / Red Custom Art, Dark Red / Red Custom Art, Black Metallic, (specifications available only in Black metallic 1)
Meets current EPA standards.
California version meets current CARB standards and may vary slightly due to emissions equipment.





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