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Honda VTX1300C Series

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Honda VTX1300C is one of the Cruiser motorcycle that is perfect for your ride. The Honda VTX1300C also has a large engine 1312cc V-twin that is enough to make you run faster on the highway. This Honda VTX1300C is a beautiful machine that prove the many changes and energy efficient fuels.  So make your journey even more comfortable and enjoyable.


Honda VTX1300C

Honda VTX1300C

The heart of the Honda VTX1300C is a 1312cc liquid-cooled engine V-Twin, no slouch in the department of energy (and it sounds as good as what you want). This plant is hung on media designed to absorb most of the noise of the engine, which will keep you comfortable as you tear down the road. And while you need to speed this bike can take from 0 to 60 in 5.31 seconds, exceptional brakes let you stop on a dime. A 4.8-gallon tank will keep you busy for a long time, and you want to ride this bike for a long time indeed.

Honda VTX1300C series, inspired by the Zodia concept of the series 1995 Tokyo Motor Show, started in 2002 with its larger version. Honda quickly realized that this monster of the motorcycle was too much for most drivers, so I followed him in 2003 with the Honda VTX1300C, a bike much more manageable with the same look great and there are shortages.


Engine Honda VTX1300C

Type: Liquid-cooled 52 ° V-Twin
Valve arrangement: SOHC, two intake, one exhaust valve operated by screw adjusters
Displacement, bore x stroke: 1312cc, 89.5mm x 104.3mm
Compression ratio: 9.2:1
Carburetion: 1, 38 mm CV
dry sump, 4.5 quarts: Lubrication
Minimum fuel grade: 89 octane
Wet clutch, five speeds, the transmission
Final Drive: Shaft

Chassis Honda VTX1300C

Wet weight: 708 lbs / 689 lbs ..
Total Gross Weight: 1105 lbs / 1.089 lbs ..
Wheelbase: 65.7 inches / 65.45 inches
Overall length: 102.3 cm / 95.4 inches
Rake: 32 degrees
Trail: 5.7 inches / 5.9 inches
Wheels: Wire-spoke, 17 x 15 x rear facing / Alloy, 19 x 15 x rear front
Front tire: 140/80-17 Dunlop-pipe / 110-90-19 Dunlop tubeless
Rear tire: 170/80-15 tube type Dunlop / Dunlop 170/80-15 tubeless
Front brake: twin-piston caliper, 13.2-inch disc
Rear brake: single-piston caliper, 11.7 in. disc
Front suspension: 41 mm bars, 5.1-inch travel
Rear Suspension: double crisis, preload adjustment, 3.7 cm / 3.6 inches of travel
Fuel capacity: 4.8 liters.
Handlebar width: 34.5 cm / 33.3 inches


Honda VTX1300C

Honda VTX1300C

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