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Honda Silver Wing is “King of the Scooters”

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Honda Silver Wing

Honda Silver Wing is not only special but this is the motor scooter fun and very economical to you around the city. Honda Silver Wing ABS also will take you anywhere you want. Features of the Honda Silver Wing ABS is a full aerodynamic and with a glass front, large seat and twin-cylinder 582cc engine smooth and strong will make you more comfortable to ride. Honda Silver Wing also uses Fuel Injection. And on top of you lock brakes (ABS) for Greater reliance on the less than ideal conditions.

The performance of Honda Silver Wing is provided courtesy of a 582cc engine double parallel injection putting out around 50HP at 7000 PRM and 54.00Nm (39.8 lb ft) of torque at 5000 rpm. By the standards of the motorcycle that the numbers are embarrassingly low, but one that really matters – fuel economy. During the tour, fully loaded and assembled at a speed that left the scooter Honda Silver Wing concept in the dust, fuel completely until 5.02L/100km introduced. About riding the city display that slide in number four feet tall as the Silver Wing gently sips 16L tank. In Europe, the streets teem with motorbikes and scooters mega-such as the Honda Silver Wing, and for good reason, as anyone who has ruled the German equivalent of “fill ‘er up” can mean.

Somewhere in this plot, however, practicality meets a surprising amount of fun. Pinch, although the Honda Silver Wing traffic hovers like a minnow through a pod of belugas. With the engine fuel tank and inches from the floor of the mini-Wing redefines “low center of gravity.” The result is an embarrassing ease of maneuvering, riotously quick lane changes, curves as fast that invoke laughter, and a temptation to filter traffic in front to be first out of place. Passing is easily accomplished with less planning than you would in a car and makes good use of the pill later in the Honda Silver Wing RPM range. The Honda Silver Wingcan suddenly reopen what a city like Vancouver is for you; steps are easy, sacrifices to the gods dark parking are no longer needed, and a night shift along Spanish banks is no longer plagued by traffic slog – it’s a gas.

Unlike smaller scooters when the work week comes to an end, the Honda Silver Wing also can satisfy a bit of wanderlust. I want a two-wheeled tour of the Okanagan, with room to pack the required warehouse purchases momentum? It is not easier than the Honda Silver Wing, humming along 110 km / h (and occasionally “drift” beyond the officer) on Highway 3 is a breeze. You may want to stay in front of crowds cruise however, only will slow in the corners. The Honda Silver Wing can not handle the motorcycle-like, its inspired motorcycle tires are more sensitive to bumps and potholes on the road as the suspension is soft, but the management is voluble and easy. But through the twists of  King is more than capable of speeds that motorists raise disapproval.

If an emergency crops up, whether a deer irregular or inattentive driver, the system combined with Honda Silver Wing ABS brakes is more than up to it. The feeling is progressive from the right lever, while the left puts greater emphasis on the rear brake and a bit more abrupt. ABS is controlled polishing and almost pulseless felt even in panic stops gravel.

The greatest concern focuses on two wheels or ride is climate protection. The Honda Silver Wing ABS meets the standards of all but the most luxurious touring motorcycles in this regard. In the wet, it would probably be packing some rain gear, especially at speeds city in which protection of the bubble collapses Honda Silver Wing ABS aerodynamics, which allows access of rain to Armani and moccasins. The biggest flaw of all is the relatively short and narrow windshield, with dimensions of 6 “2” that do not match. This led to significant turbulence and splashing of errors in the interior roads.

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