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Scooter Jazz in Canada

if your friends see your new bike is the friends you’ll be fascinated by motorcycles Scooter Jazz. the engine is so quiet and we can rely on when we drive it. With electricity and automatic transmissions and lightweight makes this Scooter Jazz a motorcycle while you ride is that you get around town. The bike is very light and very easy to control and that will make you a faster activity. Honda Scooter Jazz is also equipped with a rod that is at the bottom and you can use to store your full-face helmet. If you want to have the best motorcycle and scooter trusted then you should choose this Honda Scooter Jazz. Because everything you want is in the Honda Scooter Jazz.


Scooter Jazz

Scooter Jazz

Review Of  Scooter Jazz

Features Scooter Jazz

  • Lightweight 49 cc four-stroke OHC liquid-cooled single cylinder engine provides ample power for riding in the scooter jazz city.
  • Efficient four-stroke engine offers excellent fuel economy.
  • Fuel-sipping constant velocity (CV) carburetor with automatic choke.
  • Maintenance-solid state ignition system.
  • Simple button electric starter of scooter jazz.
  • Start System uses brushless alternator (ACG) for starting, eliminating the need for a separate starter motor.
  • This scooter jazz simple design reduces maintenance and reduces the overall weight of even better fuel economy.

Chassis and Suspension Scooter Jazz

  • Two pieces of cast aluminum chassis provides an optimum balance of lightness and stiffness for excellent handling.
  • Double down tube Front suspension fork offers 48 mm travel luxury travel for a well controlled.
  • A single-sided aluminum swingarm rear suspension with single shock has 66 mm travel in a comfortable place.
  • CBS Scooter Jazz Brakes provide greater control to slow down or stop. Pilot application of the brake lever activates the front brake in conventional fashion. Application of the rear brake lever, mounted on the left handlebar, activates the rear brake and front brake together. When only the rear brake lever using a dosing mechanism gradually applies the front brake.
Scooter Jazz

Scooter Jazz

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