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The New Gold Wing 2012

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The  Honda New Gold Wing

Long recognized as the pinnacle of motorcycle two-up, the Gold Wing 2012 ® continues its extraordinary legacy. His travel-oriented creds include the latest generation of sophisticated electronic services from a navigation system GPS with updated and innovative programming capability easy to use favorite ride share routes with friends and other drivers, which can be accessed online via computer. The Gold Wing now also incorporates a built-in MP3 and iPod interface for a new technology ® SRS CS Auto ™ surround sound for a first listening experience. In addition to its recognized power handling loaded refined powertrain and delightfully sporty, Gold Wing 2012 also brings updated style, increasing the luggage capacity, enhanced protection against wind and weather, revised suspension settings to comply with enhanced ride and the unprecedented comfort for both driver and passenger. In addition, packages Navi, ABS and airbag to do much more to the reputation of the Gold Wing touring the most famous machine in the history of the motorcycle. Price: $ 23,199 to $ 28,499 to be determined. Availability: May 2011.


The purpose of this compare back-to-back “- was evident in the tight winding roads of the California coast were crossing Range – was to highlight the improved handling of the Gold Wing 2012. When the old wing, Dunlop tires wore, the new wing Bridgestone shod. But, as Honda was quick to point out, the Bridgestone tires have been developed to work in harmony with the 2012 revised suspension, so it does not necessarily give new life to the old wing.

In addition to new internal bushings upper and lower fork, Honda  Gold Wing could only say that not revised suspension settings front and rear wing in 2012. Front wheel travel is indicated at 4.8 inches, which is a reduction of 5.5 claimed by the forewings. But Honda says that the trip is actually unchanged, calculating the age specification was a typographical error and confirm the new figure of 4.8 inches.

In any case, there is a marginally improved appearance to the ways of handling the 2012 Gold Wing. Marginal say that 2010 is the handling is impeccable and for such a weight machine, but the new model  Gold Wing is a bit more eager to fall into a corner.  And where the model Gold Wing 2010 requires a bit more input to maintain its line of navigation of a long curve, the 2012 has its angle of inclination and maintains arc chosen corridor. clearance curves looked the same as the ’10 wing, and both were equally resistant to bottoming.

The most notable improvement seat, pants-to Ala-2012, literally, is situated. It leaves the old model and new model, it was clear that the new urethane material seat and seat cover are really an improvement. Not at all material Tempur-Pedic mattress, but GL’s new headquarters provides support equivalent to that level of comfort. And any passenger will be greeted by one of the best seats in the passenger business, a much more comfortable to sit on the seat of the BMW GTL – if you do not want to complain from the back seat, listening less to the Gold Wing.



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