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2011 Honda Spacy Helm-In

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Honda Spacy Helm-In is the first global product launch in Indonesia. The issue before the motor named Dio. Honda Spacy Helmet-In the new facts are produced in Indonesia and China, wow cool too ya, Indonesia lounching first. Honda Motor has gone through several automotive market segments. Premium automatic scooter segment is Honda has PCX, while the upper segment has a Techno CBS Vario, Vario Techno, Vario. In the middle segment Scoopy. While in the segment below BEAT occupied and Honda Spacy Helm-In.


honda spacy 2011 2 2011 Honda Spacy Helm In

Honda Spacy

In terms of engine, Honda Spacy Helm-In does not vary much with BEAT. Still using the same engine 110 cc, 4 stroke, DOHC-powered 8.54 PS at 8000 rpm and torque of 8.03 Nm at 6000 rpm. Honda claims, the consumption of this engine is 1 liter per 41 kilometers. The difference is that helmets Honda Spacy-In is more aimed at the goal between the new homes or adult male of rubber lacquer and women. In contrast to the Honda Beat it is aimed at young people.


2011 Honda Spacy Images 2011 Honda Spacy Helm In

Honda Spacy

Green Honda Spacy 2011 2011 Honda Spacy Helm In

Honda Spacy

2011 Honda Spacy Spoke Red 2011 Honda Spacy Helm In

Honda Spacy

Honda Spacy Helm-In providing for 18-liter trunk, which can contain a full face helmet. Not only that, Honda Spacy Helm-In also provides the fuel tank up to five liters. After this fuel, spacy can roam 205 miles. Other features offered are similar to previous models, such as lever lock brakes, side standard automatic, and automatic safety magnetic key. Other new features on the Honda Spacy Helmet-In the active auto lamp that can light up when the engine life.

Specification Honda Spacy Helm-In

Length x Width x Height: 1841 x 660 x 1094 mm
Wheelbase: 1256 mm
Lowest distance to the ground: 128 mm
Empty weight: 97 kg
Type order: Backbone
Suspension front: 80/90-14 M / C 40P
Rear suspension: swing arm and mono shock
Brake front: hydraulic disc, single piston
Brakes rear: drum
Gas tank capacity: 5 liters


Engine  Honda Spacy Helm-In

4 stroke SOHC
Cooling fan cooling system
DiameterXlangkah 0x55 mm
Volume: 108 cc
Compression ratio: 9,2:1
6:28 kW maximum power (8.54 PS) at 8000 rpm
Maximum Torque: 8:03 Nm at 6,000 rpm
Capacity of 0.7 liters of lubricants
Clutch: automatic, centrifugal, dry type
Transmission: Automatic, V-Matic
Starter: pedal and electrically
Aki: MF batteries, 12 V-3aH
Spark plug: NGK Denso-9 CPR8EA U24EPR9
Ignition System: Digital DC-CDI
Carburetor: VK22 X 1
Headlights: 30 W X 1
Lights twilight: 3.4 W X 1

Honda Spacy Helm In 2011 2011 Honda Spacy Helm In

Honda Spacy

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