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Harley Davidson 2014 Street 750

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While Harley Davidson 2014 Street 750 claims the new Revolution X engine is “inspired by” the Porsche-designed V-Rod engine, in fact it’s a new design that shares mainly the 60-degree V spread. This liquid-cooled engine is an SOHC design with four valves per cylinder; the valves are operated through rocker arms tipped with screw-and-locknut adjusters, which should make maintenance easier. (Never mind that all the traditional H-D engines use hydraulic lifters with no need to adjust valve clearances.)

Harley Davidson 2014 Street 750
Harley Davidson 2014 Street 750

Harley Davidson 2014 Street 750 Power is another surprise. As you’d expect, torque flows freely at lower revs, but the RevX has good midrange and even a pleasant little surge toward the rev limiter. (No tach on this bike, though specs say it’ll do 8,000 rpm safely.) Power production centers on the low-end but the bike is geared short and is light enough—489 pounds full of gas (a Sportster Iron is a shameful 562 pounds)—that urban acceleration feels pleasingly brisk. No doubt this sensation is aided by a reasonable amount of flywheel. Where a Sportster always feels like it has two engines’ worth of rotational mass, the Street’s engine has a very good balance of rev-stabilizing flywheel and willingness to spin. It feels fairly lively but never jumpy or nervous. Moreover, Harley got the injection tuning just right. The engine is docile off the bottom but not soggy, and we couldn’t get it to act up at either end of the rev range. For the purposes of making new riders comfortable, the Street 750 engine demeanor hits the bull’s eye.

Harley Davidson 2014 Street 750 specifications

Engine type     l-c 60-deg. V-twin
Valve train     SOHC, 8v
Displacement     749cc
Transmission     6-speed
Claimed torque     44.3 lb.-ft. @ 4000 rpm
Frame     Steel double cradle
Front suspension      Showa fork
Rear suspension     Dual Showa shocks, adjustable for spring preload
Front brake     Two-piston caliper
Rear brake     Two-piston caliper
Front tire     100/80R-17 Michelin Scorcher
Rear tire     140/75R-15 Michelin Scorcher
Seat height     27.9 in.
Wheelbase     60.4 in.
Fuel capacity     3.5 gal.
Claimed curb weight     489 lb.
Price $7499

Harley Davidson 2014 Street 750

Some explanation for the low-end parts begins with the low-end sticker. Harley will ask just $6,599 for the Street 500 and $7,499 for the 750. (Aside from displacement, the two will be identical.) The next step up the price ladder is the $8,249 Sportster Superlow. That and the 883 Iron are Harley’s only sub-$10,000 motorcycles. Harley Davidson 2014 Street 750 Price is $7499

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