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2011 Harley Davidson CVO (Custom Vehicle Operations)

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Harley Davidson CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide

A motorcycle is filled with extra chrome, custom paint and other accessories that can bring an attractive appearance. in view of the physical form of the Harley Davidson CVO is filled with power and exceptional performance. There is a very unique thing of this Harley Davidson CVO, which is the front wheel has a diameter of about 19 inciyang is the largest tire ever installed on a motorcycle tour special. not only that the Harley Davidson CVO is also equipped with a 300 mm floating motor and this is a very Agitator brakes and rear tires are very interesting as well. Whether as a large rear wheels that has a diameter of 18 inches, less than 1 inch from the front tires. and there blingy brightwork done to fork sliding door, dipstick and tricks, push-button fuel, among other places A motorcycle is a luxury and very large. if you are the owner then of course you will look stunning on a Harley Davidson CVO is super plush. Curious, let us look deeper into this bike again so that you know more about this information.

The Harley Davidson CVO engine is hung with rubber mounts to the steel frame to help absorb vibrations. All three machines are dedicated tour around the steel structure recently redesigned a single mast and swingarm designed to withstand the demands of the sidewalk at full load hitting tens of thousands of kilometers. This Harley Davidson CVO chassis is upgraded a huge improvement over pre-2009 model year bike tourism and high-definition allows these machines to be ridden with more control at high speed the street.

The Harley Davidson CVO suspension consists of a conventional fork and two rear shocks. (The Electra Glide and the way of sliding adjustment of supply air). Each wheel Harley Davidson CVO in the last Dunlop Multi-Tread dual compound tires provide a softer rubber compound and sticky on the edges of the tire for use in a compound curve and strongest in the center of the rim line straight on the road. This gives the driver increased traction in the corner without compromising tread life.


All models feature Harley Davidson CVO gloss, color-matched components and skilled workforce that is on par with the best motorcycle produced in Europe and Japan. A lot of chrome accessories directly from the pages of the catalog of Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories also used liberally. Each bike also rolls in a single, striking set of wheels. Harley Davidson CVO models are backed by a two-year unlimited mileage warranty. Now that we have discussed some of the standard features let’s look at each model in more detail.

MSRP $36,499 Harley Davidson CVO

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