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2012 Victory High Ball Review

A new generation of motorcycles, and became a bomber in the world of motorcycles. Victory High Ball is made for this motorcycle was inspired by modern motorcycles and change from the previous topic. And the result was very satisfactory. View the motorcycle you will feel how good it really is a luxury Cruiser. And the good name of Victory High Ball was already too and have a good name for yourself. In addition to Victory High Ball motorcycle as the hallmark of American Cruiser motorcycles. And Victory High Ball is unique and very different from other motorcycles. This is because the Victory High Ball is indeed very appropriate with its name, this bike has a pair of rudders that are in your set and was equipped with the high position of the seats. This is the case if you drive the Victory High Ball, you will get a comfortable position, and can also get a position in a relaxed said while driving. Because the higher the distance lower handlebar and seat it will make you comfortable when driving. The Department has a size of 25 inches and jumpers which must be slightly forward.

Victory High Ball

Victory High Ball

Victory High Ball  Features

2012 Victory High Ball -The screen that is the tachometer is in the bottom of the speedometer for easy reading. In front of the left handlebar switch box you will find a button that sportbike riders confused with a passing light switch. It is not. What it does is toggle between the odometer, trip odometer, tachometer and the previous screen useless, left on the trip meter then I realized how silly it was the tachometer. There is also a digital clock display, and a gear indicator. The gear indicator is a line of points every time you squeeze the clutch lever, and are sometimes given, not the team they are today, but a team that was before the change, as a sort of trip Lane gears of memory, if you will. This does not happen very often and is only a problem if you are a new driver that is in constant worry that team happens to be in.

With great power comes great responsibility to provide good transmission and the Victory High Ball has made – mostly. I say most because only the 6-speed transmission feels a little, umm, pedestrian compared to the rest of the bike. Everything works, but a lower gear, requiring only a light press on the lever of change, accompanied by a thumping noise that is, to me, stronger than it should be. Ascenders are strong but without the noise and can be accomplished without using the clutch during normal change. This is good, as the clutch is a bit on the stiff side and turn down the bars a little more comfortable. The gear ratios within the transmission on the nail from 1 to 6 with overdrive sixth gear allows the engine to turn a lazy 2700rpms while cruising at 75 mph.

Victory High Ball

Victory High Ball

Checking my notes I can see I have covered almost all the bases except one brakes. This is the only area that I’m a little disappointed by the Victory High Ball .

Let’s start with the first good part, the rear brake. Possibly the best brakes I’ve been back – with good power and feel they are very easy to modulate. In fact, I found myself going against all my training and practice and with the rear brake more than the front. This was mainly due to the front, while ultimately strong and powerful, Victory High Ball requires effort on the lever feel and offered so little that I stopped using it. If you really need to quickly stop the front brake will be there for you, but in normal everyday situations the rear brake can do the job.

Victory High Ball

Victory High Ball

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