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BMW S1000RR Review

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BMW S1000RR with a 999cc engine

now has Brought Tremendous changes to bring the performance of a very good reputation and in this new product introduced by the media circuit at Portimao.If you have not noticed the trend, BMW S1000RR worked harder to reduce weight and add technology. As expected, the braking system is no different. In fact, BMW S1000RR ABS is the lightest in its class, the entire system adds only five pounds. Four pressure sensors mean weight loss of lever pressing and momentary “oh, shit” common thoughts with the BMW S1000RR ABS from a lever press is a thing of the past. Revolutionary system is helping the four-piston Brembo calipers squeezing up to 320 mm rotors front and 220 mm one back.

Wonder wheel locks are a set of aluminum wheels multiple radios that are light, and our pocketbooks. suspension design also advanced with gigantic head 46mm fork and rear shock sport eccentric is inserted to increase the ride height of an additional 10 mm. While everything is different on the inside, the BMW S1000RR is also innovative on the outside. From the front headlights are slightly asymmetric for the first time in organized sports bikes and different body is no less singular. As expected, the BMW S1000RR of body is ultra lightweight cutting thickness only 2 mm at the point of application and the backlight is just bitter cold.

Specification BMW S1000RR

Capacity 999 cc
Bore / stroke mm 80.0/49.7
Max kW / 142 / 193 hp
at 13,000 rpm
Maximum torque Nm / 112 / 83 lb.-ft.
At 9750 rpm
TV setup straight and four
Number of cylinders 4
Compression ratio / 13:01 quality fuel / unleaded premium minutes (95 RON)
Valves / charge cycle DOHC (double overhead camshaft)
Valves operated by a single cam follower under the engine
4 valves per cylinder
Intake and exhaust 33.5/27.2 mm
Accelerator in diameter and 48 mm wing
Fuel supply (BMS-KP)
Electrical System
Alternator 434 W
Battery V / Ah 14 / 10 or 12, without maintenance
W headlights under 1x H 7 / 55 W beam
High 1x H 7 / 55 W beam
Starting 0.8 kW

Power Transmission BMW S1000RR

Against multi-plate clutch jump in oil bath clutch, mechanically operated
Gearbox six-speed gearbox, changing the type of dog
Primary transmission ratio 1:1.652
Gear ratios 1:2.6471
II 1:2. 091
III 1:1.727
IV 1:1.500
V 1:1.360
VI 1:1.261
Rear wheel drive chain
Final drive ratio 1:2.588



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