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BMW K 1600 GTL Production Version

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BMW has launched a new motorcycle called the BMW K 1600 GTL. This is coming out with a BMW motorcycle that there are 2 versions of the BMW models BMW K 1600 GT and BMW K 1600 GTL. Both models have the same impressive features Chas. BMW K 1600 GTL has developed a new engine 6-cylinder in-line has 160 HP and excess of 175 machines torsin NM. Motorcycles are also able to drive it anywhere like on the highway, sporty bike or walking at high altitudes even in wet conditions.

BMW K 1600 GTL

BMW K 1600 GTL

BMW K 1600 GTL

BMW K 1600 GTL

When I arrived at BMW K 1600 GTL, who stood up and pulled a tight parking lot I was surprised how much light it felt. Sometimes the big bike feel as if waiting to tip over – to dominate their riders with an immense weight. But the BMW is very well balanced and felt like a bike that could ride every day or even be used for short errands. In fact, the BMW K 1600 GTL is almost as funny as 700 pounds of two wheels can be.

In the way smooth-running engine of  the BMW K 1600 GTL was a joy. He had a classic power of the engine that seemed to pull me with great force, but not pulling. The six-speed transmission past without problems, despite changing speeds sometimes felt like a formality.

Although brief, the tour covered a number of roads of Interstate rural Zigzag, and BMW K 1600 GTL they handle everything well. Although he was in his element in the scanning speed corners, the BMW felt I could ride almost anywhere. So when justifying its base price of $ 23,200 to her husband and friends, you can argue the BMW K 1600 GTL is more like two or three bikes.

Specification BMW K 1600 GTL

Engine and transmission BMW K 1600 GTL

Engine Type: 6 cylinder, 4 stroke, in line
Displacement: 1,649 cc (100.75 cubic inches)
Bore x stroke: 72 mm x 67.5 mm (oversquare – shortstroke)
Cooling System: Oil and water cooled
Power: 160.44 hp (118 kW) @ 7750 rpm (cranksh)
Torque: 175 Nm (17.84 kg-m) @ 5250 rpm (cranksh)
Accelerator: Cable-operated valves
Valves per cylinder: 4
Fuel and power
Sparks per cylinder: 1
Fuel supply: Fuel injection
Ignition type: CDI Digital
Compression: 12.2:1
Engine mounting: transverse
Lubrication system: Wet sump
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Clutch: Wet, multiple drives, the cable works
Final Drive: Shaft

Dimensions BMW K 1600 GTL

Physical measures
Length: 2489 mm
Width: 1,000 mm
Wheelbase: 1,618 mm
Travel: 106 mm
Seat height: 750 mm
Empty weight: 348 kg


BMW K 1600 GTL

BMW K 1600 GTL

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