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BMW HP2 Sport Edition Limited Edition

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BMW HP2 Sport Edition Limited Edition

BMW HP2 Sport Edition Limited Edition

USA BMW motorcycle company has launched a new motorcycle as the BMW HP2 Sport. Motorcycle having a high performance has been admired by many fans on.With a staggering 130 horsepower, the BMW HP2 Sport features the most powerful Boxer engine ever designed by BMW HP2 Motorrad. For the first time, double overhead camshafts are included in front of the famous twin-cylinder engine, driving more revolutions. Making the BMW HP2 Sport even more track ready for the new technology is semi-automatic, which means faster gear changes without having to cut the throttle or using the clutch. BMW HP2 a sport Ohlins fully adjustable front and rear suspension, radial mounted Brembo Monobloc brakes, an aerodynamic fairing lightweight carbon fiber, not to mention racing wheels and tires and a MotoGP-inspired cockpit that computes lap times and other racing data, and result is one of the most advanced sport bikes to ever burn the asphalt.

BMW HP2 Sport Edition Limited Edition 2013

The dream of many Boxer fans has come true: With the new BMW HP2 Sport, BMW Motorcycles is getting sportier, more powerful Series lightweight boxer of all time in the model road.The third of the model range HP has been designed for the ambitious Sports Rider and captivates with numerous exclusive details that were previously restricted to racing, some making their first appearance in series production vehicles.

Examples of these include self-supporting and aerodynamically optimized fairings completely of CFK, the gear shift assistant, a dashboard like that used in the MotoGP, the forged aluminum wheels and brakes racing with radially bolted calipers. Whenever the viewer’s eye wanders, sees pure racing technology that delights every enthusiast. BMW HP2 is certainly athletic, a vehicle that inspires on country roads and on the racetrack.

Regardless of the limits of engine power due to this principle and the aerodynamic disadvantages from the cylinder configuration of a Boxer,

The HP2 Sport was conceived as a £20,000 rival to the Ducati 1098R rather than the £15,200 competitor to the base Ducati it ended up as. BMW HP2 Sport Edition Limited Edition

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