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2013 Beta Evo 300 SS (Super Smooth) – Motorcycle Review

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2013 Beta Evo 300 SS (Super Smooth)

American Beta, the sole-US importer of the Italy-based Beta motorcycles, has released a new model in the states – the 2013 Beta Evo 300 SS, the name referring to “Super Smooth.”

The EVO range has been completely revised for 2013: new frame, new plastics, improved ergonomics and greater versatility.

Items included with all SS models:
– Titanium head pipe designed for more torque and a smoother power delivery
– Surflex clutch plates to provide a more progressive feel
– Flywheel weight to help smooth out the power pulses.
– Smaller countershaft sprocket to tie the engine torque to the ground
– Billet throttle wheel with bearing added for a smoother throttle response
– Domino grips that are larger in diameter and wider than stock
– Special graphics
– Jitsie front number plate

Improving what for years has been the benchmark in Trial is always difficult, but once again the Tuscany House has managed to make a major development in its 2013 Beta Evo 300 SS models, starting with the introduction of a technology that has never been previously applied in the Trial market. The new  2013 Beta Evo 300 SS  is in fact the first trial bike in the World to use a frame where the main section is obtained by hydro-forming with all the advantages that this technology allows. Ease of maintenance, friendly riding, and ergonomics are further improved on the 2013’s by raising the bar to an even higher level of quality in the EVO family. The experience gained in the last year of racing and the constant research for new technical solutions, have led to an excellent product under any point of view. Donato Miglio, Beta Trial Factory Team Manager, describes the EVO 2013: “Powerful and easy for riders of any level, the bike is extremely versatile with a great travel range. From your first ride you feel the EVO was made for your needs.” The 2013 Beta Evo 300 SS (Super Smooth) is therefore an excellent bike able to compete at the highest levels in national and international competitions and at the same time allows hobby riders to discover how easy the 2013 Beta Evo 300 SS (Super Smooth) is to ride.

2013 Beta Evo 300 SS (Super Smooth) Features


New frame obtained by hydro-forming: the application of this technology has allows a frame with better mechanical features, lighter (- 250 grams), more rigid, with a larger capacity fuel tank (+ 250cc) and a unique aesthetic. The red color compliments the new shape of the frame and reinforces the look of the bike.

Rear fender: the rear fender is completely new, with a slim design, it includes a cover in the “seat” area to access the air filter box. This allows to speed up and simplify inspection, maintenance and replacement of air filter.

Side covers: now made in one piece, they are a real tank cover, and through their sculpted forms, enhance the aggressive spirit of the 2013 EVO.

Stand: made of forged aluminum, stronger in design yet it is over 100 grams lighter. It also improves the general aesthetics of the vehicle.

Rear Shock: revised with new internal components and a new hydraulic, it has a different setting which allows to use at its best the agility of the 2013 Beta Evo 300 SS (Super Smooth).

Front Fork: new setting for a most progressive feeling with the front wheel.

CDI: placed under the rear fender, it is more secure and less prone to accidental damage in the event of a fall.

Regulator: located at the rear of the engine for simplification of the electrical system.

Electrical system: the repositioning of the CDI unit and the regulator has allowed us to define a new layout of the electrical system that is streamlined and simplified for greater efficiency and better look.

Light/Map Switch: mounted on the side to avoid damage, it also houses the switch for the dual mapping settings.

Kill Button: positioned on the handlebar for practicality and ease of use.

Color and graphics: frame is now red ( to inspire power and racing feeling ) while plastics are white and matt black. The new graphics highlight the innovative shapes of the chassis and plastics, escalating the racing look of the 2013 Beta Evo 300 SS (Super Smooth).

2013 Beta Evo 300 SS (Super Smooth) ENGINE:

Shift drum: New shift drum with a modified shape to allow smooth action of the gearbox, greater fluidity and precise riding.

CDI: a new timing curve has been developed to optimize power delivery and provide an immediate feeling with the bike. This allows the rider to be comfortable in any situation and condition of land. From a performance point of view a greater torque at low rpm and a never ending top end have been obtained.

Arriving at the end of July, the new 2013 EVO will be available through official Beta importers

2013 Beta Evo 300 SS (Super Smooth) – Specifications

Type: Single cylinder, 2-stroke, liquid-cooled w/ reed valve
Bore: 79mm
Stroke: 60.5mm
Displacement: 299 cc
Compression Ratio: 10:1
Ignition: Electronic 12 volt, 85 watt w/ dual-map switch (aggressive or soft settings)
Spark Plug NGK BR7ES
Lubrication: Pre-mix (synthetic oil)
Carburetor: Keihin PWK 28mm
Clutch: Wet multi-disc w/ cush-drive basket
Transmission: 6-speed

Frame: Aluminum beam, single wave Hydro-Formed w/built in fuel tank
Wheelbase: 51.4”
Seat Height: 26”
Ground Clearance: 12.2”
Footrest Height: 13.6”
Dry Weight: 147 lbs. dry
Fuel Tank Capacity: .75 US gallons
Front Suspension: 38mm Paioli
Rear Suspension: Single shock, aluminum bodied including linkage, adjustable dampening
Front Wheel Travel: 6.5”
Rear Wheel Travel: 7.1”
Final Gearing: 11t front, 41t rear
Front Brake: 185mm rotor w/ 4-piston caliper
Rear Brake: 160mm rotor w/ twin-piston caliper
Front/Rear Rim: 21” (Front) 18” (Rear)
Front/Rear Tire: Michelin Trial
Warranty: 6 month Limited Warranty
MSRP: $8199.00

2013 Beta Evo 300 SS (Super Smooth)

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