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Benelli Pepe 50 LX Review

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Benelli Pepe 50 LX

Benelli Pepe 50 LX Scooter

Automatic scooter that comes with advanced technology and smart. In addition, he was also present in the middle of the community with features that are fashionable. Benelli Pepe 50 LX Scooter is done with the main characteristics that may make this bike can maintain the characteristics of the scooter itself. Main mechanism in this Benelli Pepe 50 LX Scooter is a traditional, but with a touch and complex technology that makes traditional motorcycles which had been transformed into a motorcycle, which has a good personality. The identity is because there is a change in color of the Benelli Pepe 50 LX itself body and it also includes the client wishes to.With a fork and frame that uses the traditional concept of also very Hi-de-design with the heart and make the scooter be higher than others. It’s all to make this bike using the various components that have very Beik quality. You don’t need to worry, if you want to use this bike at any time and in emergency situations. This Benelli Pepe 50 LX scooter you where you want your goal. Your trip tersara much will be made to be as close as possible, though. for your journey will be fun and have not received a satisfactory result.

 The Benelli Pepe 50 LX braking system is oversized, with a 220 mm. front of the vehicle can stop quickly, even in situations of sudden emergency disk. In addition to this alloy, seven-spoke design wheels, with differential crowning the front and rear to make them even more attractive in appearance.  Image and functionality are also seen in the holder, produced by Paioli Meccanica designer of Benelli Pepe 50 LX.

All facilities are protected by locks operated by the same key. Chair lift provides access to an old hand compartment (this will be indispensable in Italy, when new laws come into force), which may make open-face models, and is obtained by the use of a “ring” tanks gas surrounding the royal chamber. Under the seat, and therefore equally protected by key lock, are the fuel tank and the tops of mixing oil. Finally, the Benelli Pepe 50 LX same key also opens the back box handy and capacious.

Benelli Pepe 50 LX Specsification

Manufacturer: Benelli
Model: Pepe 50 LX
Year of production: 2008
Category (type of bicycle): Scooter
Engine Size: 49.20 cc (2.99 cubic inches)
Engine type: single cylinder
Motor power: 3.62 HP (2.59 kW)) @ 6250 rpm
Rates of compression: N / A
Race: 2
Torque: 4.20 Nm (0.40 kgf-m or 3.08 ft.lbs) @ 6000 RPM
Type of Starter: Electric and kick
Speed: N / A
Transmission Type: Strap
Transmission: Automatic
Fuel capacity: 7.50 liters (1.97 gallons)
Fuel Control: N / A
Number of valves: N / A
Type of cooling: Air
Weight: 82.0 kg (179.90 lbs)
Length: 1925 mm (75.42 inches)
Type * Brakes Front: Single disc
Type Rear Brakes: Brake Expansion (Drum)
Front tire dimensions: 2.50-16
Rear tire dimensions: 2.75-16

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