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2011 BRUTALE 1090R

MV Agusta re-introduce motorcycle naked, BRUTALE 1090R is one of the newest motorcycle products. BRUTALE 1090R motorcycles has attracted many major motorcycle enthusiasts around the world. With an unique design and different from other motorcycle, make fast bike in the know and can not match. BRUTALE 1090R is the motor of the most beautiful and affordable so that a profit this year. Forming BRUTALE 1090R naked and make strong looks like a motorcycle that show emotion to speed. configuration of a new engine, new chassis settings, Onepiece design chair with a focus on comfort in those things which are offered by BRUTALE 1090R. A keseimbagan between the chassis and formed a perfect performance. BRUTALE 1090R always made for your comfort in driving in the streets of the city and will make you feel more stylish on the bike BRUTALE 1090R.


On a cost basis of the results, the BRUTALE 1090R is undoubtedly the new benchmark in the category of sports clothes. A technologically advanced 4-cylinder engine with radial intake and exhaust valves, the same advanced engine control unit as the BRUTALE 1090R paired with one of the most advanced chassis, the BRUTALE 1090R can easily dominate even the most demanding roads and racetracks.


Specifications BRUTALE 1090R

Design BRUTALE 1090R
The new BRUTALE 1090R is undoubtedly  Brutale, but at the same time, this is a new interpretation of the most admired in the world naked. Attention to detail is what makes this new model different and easier to use in everyday driving. The one-piece seat is more comfortable for both driver and passenger, turn signals and are not integrated into the mirrors, but have been placed in a position for better visibility in city traffic, the suspension is now smoother and more comfortable. A brutal that it is easier to use than ever before, but with the same obsessive attention to detail you’ve come to expect from MV Agusta. A glance at the structure of tubular steel, anodized handlebar clamps on tour, the pure form of design of the shift lever and brake, swing arm and wheels one and one-sided clear why the Brutale is the view most beautiful in the world.

Engine BRUTALE 1090R
1078cc 144-horsepower, the new inline four-cylinder engine rises to the top of the naked bike class. Is derived from the database engine included in the 990R therefore no changes in the design, but has been reconfigured for smoother throttle response more progressive, more solid and harmonious than before, especially when opening, closing and when accelerates. The same 46 mm Mikuni throttle body assembly is used, with the installation of a feed of no return which is operated by Marelli 5SM-mails have a new traction control step 8. Like the BRUTALE 1090R, the pan is 1.32 pounds lighter than its predecessor, and is equipped with a counter-rotating balancer shaft to withstand high frequency vibrations secondary, which has been placed in front of motor and is powered directly by the primary drive gear.

Chassis BRUTALE 1090R
The BRUTALE 1090R shares its chassis configuration and geometry with the 990R and 1090RR, and most of the chassis components. The frame is a mixture of a lattice steel structure and aluminum side plates has become the trademark of MV Agusta as the application for the first time in the F4, a frame structure that has been repeatedly copied but never equaled by other manufacturers. The chassis dimensions are the same as in the other models offer a perfect balance Brutale dynamic and precise response to driver inputs. With a 1,430 mm wheelbase, 25 ° head angle direction and 103.5 mm for the new track BRUTALE 1090R offers undoubtedly the best balance between agility and stability. One of the technical features of the new BRUTALE 1090R pipe is a new direction that provides optimum stiffness for this type of nudity that will undoubtedly become the new benchmark for easy handling.



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