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2011 Brutale 1090RR

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2011 Brutale 1090RR

MV Agusta Brutale 1090RR

MV Agusta has been to create products of new motorcycles and top model 2011. Brutale 1090RR motorcycle racing is the newest product from MV Agusta Brutale 1090RR is the idol of everyone. For people who want to find a motorcycle that has a high performance, attractive and elegant form Brutale 1090RR bike suited him, because everything is on the Brutale 1090RR. Some experiments in the race already in life and even become champion, and this makes the MV Agusta’s history is reflected in the project. The new MV Agusta Brutale 1090RR is a motorcycle that will provide quality and owner satisfaction high sales. And Brutale 1090RR motorcycle was designed and developed by MV Agusta internal. Brutale 1090RR comes in 3 pastel colors Pearl white / black, pastel pink / silver metallic, pastel black / gray graphite.

The Lantern reserves the same drop profile and the same dimensions, but introduces a new design with the introduction of a new polyellipsoidal element and a set of 8 LEDs that create a “strip of light” effect, like that found in cars. The turn indicators are incorporated in the rearview mirror assembly is larger for better visibility. The instrument panel has been completely redesigned and now operates in a high-speed CAN with extra features. There are indicators that show art works, fuel level, speed, hazard button, the water temperature, the stopwatch function and the traction control settings. The handlebars and footrests are a flexible adjustment to improve comfort and reduce vibration levels. The head of government again has a new steering damper on the handlebars.

Specification MV Agusta Brutale 1090RR

Engine Brutale 1090RR
1078cc 144-horsepower, the new inline four-cylinder engine rises to the top of the naked bike class. Is derived from the database engine included in the 990R therefore no changes in the design, but has been reconfigured for smoother throttle response more progressive, more solid and harmonious than before, especially when opening, closing and when accelerates. The same 46 mm Mikuni throttle body assembly is used, with the installation of a feed of no return which is operated by Marelli 5SM-mails have a new traction control step 8. Like the 990R, the pan is 1.32 pounds lighter than its predecessor, and is equipped with a counter-rotating balancer shaft to withstand high frequency vibrations secondary, which has been placed in front of motor and is powered directly by the primary drive gear. The gear ratios remain the same, while the gearbox mechanism of internal command is completely new, redesigned to allow the adoption of a sensor gear and provide smoother shifting and more comfortable to handle. The Brutale 1090RR also features a slipper clutch, which is an original design by MV.

Chassis Brutale 1090RR
The frame has the same design and structure as the 990R, so chrome-moly TIG welded steel lattice frame, but with a higher design, lighter and stiffer than the previous 1078RR. The extension of the rear swingarm (which has been completely redesigned and is 2.2 pounds lighter) extends the wheelbase for greater driving precision, increased torsional rigidity and reduced weight. The new wheelbase also enhances the stability of the brutality of the firm. The Brutale 1090RR has adjustable footrests that allow passengers to find the ideal position for track use, while reducing weight on the wheels and swingarm provides improved operation of the suspension.

Riding Impressions Brutale 1090RR
Despite the extreme provision, the Brutale 1090RR is a comfortable and spacious riding. The seat allows riders of all sizes to find their ideal position and attract a more ergonomic handle. The sensation is that of a motorcycle that has grown a couple of sizes, one that is more attractive. The sensitivity of MV at low speed has become a fortress. Ride a figure eight at a speed of just over 1 km / h, with two fingers on the handlebars, has become as easy as at full speed to 167 mph (270 kph) along a straight line. The notorious fierce Brutale 1090RR now shows a new subtlety in his possession. When a bike is easy to use, it is also easier to push their limits. The Brutale 1090RR, with their superior technology, achieves results that no other naked can come – especially on the track, where it turns into a beast with an insatiable drive. At the same time, it remains obedient to the entry level rider curves to meet her first. In his possession sensually rounded timeless Italian spirit emerges: never before has there been such Brutale 1090RR

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